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F&G Industries was founded in 1987 in Texas by Mr. Gene Garrett. His life-long experience in the overhead crane industry, a very supportive wife and good team around him, helped the business grow to become a significant overhead crane manufacturer in Texas.

In 2015 F&G Industries started a close partnership with GH Cranes and Components.

GH Cranes & Components began its operations in 1958, dedicating itself to the manufacturing of lifting components. Since then, their products have been installed in more than 60 countries, providing solutions for practically all sectors. More than 110,000 lifting systems installed over the years, and their clients’ recognition of the quality of their products, has placed GH among the top manufacturing companies in the machinery lifting industry.

With the combined experience F&G Industries and GH Cranes bring to the industry, the Company is looking forward to the future ahead. With future expansion in mind, the F&G Industries Company will now be known as F&G Cranes.

Gene Garrett

Gene Garrett

F&G Training
F&G Training

Company Values

We are a company that communicates openly at all levels of our organization. We are trustworthy and honest in our daily activities and we conduct ourselves in a moral and ethical manner at all times.

Successful teamwork and outstanding customer, supplier, and internal relationships all require integrity and willingness to consider the other party’s perspective. We see our people as our greatest asset. We treat our employees with fairness and dignity and care about their aspirations. We strive to create a work environment for everyone to perform and realize their potential. We work cooperatively to improve performance, accomplish corporate objectives and provide direction for our future. Team members are supportive of each other, loyal to one another and care for each other both personally and professionally.

Service Commitment
Our relationship with our customers is one of mutual growth. They rely on our crane industry knowledge and we rely on their need for our expertise. To show our respect for this mutually beneficial relationship we commit to superior services and the safety and enhancement of their business.

We are passionate about what we do, and we enjoy the challenge of solving our clients’ problems. This takes an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to continuously grow one’s skills/knowledge, and the willingness to take reasonable risks.

Safety Policy
At F&G Cranes we never compromise safety. We take this responsibility seriously and understand that our actions can critically impact our customers, colleagues and employees. By applying strict safety guidelines and offering health and safety services to our clients and partners, we will all benefit from improved efficiency in operations and increased performance in business.

F&G Cranes Standard Warranty Terms

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