Gantry Crane

Is a lifting system solution that can be very practical for outdoor duty or buildings without runways installed.

We specialize in delivering high-quality Gantry Crane systems to customers throughout the U.S.

F&G´s Gantry Cranes have a robust construction with a high level of standardization, making them very modular and adaptable to any need, with highly reliable components and available for a wide range of applications.

The steel structure can be made of a box girder or standard profile beam, optimized by our computer calculation program. Our design offers the best technical option with the best value.

The Gantry Cranes can be built in single or double girder configuration, depending on the specific need. Generally a Single Girder Crane, is suitable for capacities under 12.5 Tons. Double Girder Cranes are generally required for capacities above 12.5 Tons or for manufacturing shops with long spans. F&G Cranes custom designs double girder Gantry Cranes with the highest quality components in the industry to handle the stress of heavy load production work. It’s the engineering, manufacturing expertise and attention to detail that sets us apart from the competition.

Additional custom features can be added to our Gantry Cranes when customers have specific needs such as: “crab-style” hoist configurations, maintenance walkways and auxiliary hoists to deliver the right product for the right application.

Gantry cranes catalog

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Gantry Cranes

Our Gantry Cranes come in hundreds of versatile models:

  • PORTABLE GANTRIES: Reach all corners of your plant with a portable gantry crane. Lift and move materials, equipment, and other heavy machinery. Quick disassembly for transport by service truck to offsite job sites. Available in series T, A, E and Aluminum.
  • ADJUSTABLE GANTRIES: Designed to adjust height, span, and tread (T Series) for use on uneven floors, through doorways, aisles, and under mezzanines or other overhead obstacles. These are excellent gantries for warehouses and welding shops. Series T, A, E and Aluminum.
  • RUBBER TYRED GANTRY CRANES are available from 10 ton to 400 ton as standard. With the features and benefits provided by this type of machine, it can be adapted to different industries that require lifting and moving loads in open spaces. This innovative equipment has been developed for industrial applications, and with remarkable autonomy in the movement of heavy loads.
  • TRACK-MOUNTED GANTRIES: For manual or motorized travel over a fixed route.
Gantry cranes
Gantry cranes

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