Is a machine used to lift or lower a load with either a drum or pocket wheel around which rope or chain wraps. A trolley hoist incorporates a traversing motor along with a hoist to move along a beam for added functionality. Our hoists come in different and versatile models:

Single Girder

A single girder trolley hoist is designed to be mounted to the lower flange of a single beam. This mounting configuration is generally the most economical and easiest to work with however there are some limiting factors to consider.

F&G Cranes proudly features GH wire rope hoists in multiple configurations including: low-headroom, standard headroom and tandem control. GH Hoists´ construction is compact and modular and provides easy maintenance. Many of the GH hoists come with all VFD motions standard setting us apart from the competition. The different reeving configurations allow for different hook heights, lifting speed and working CMAA groups.

GHB11 Hoist
Hoists - Double Girder
Hoists - Double Girder

Double Girder

A double girder trolley hoist is generally designed to be mounted to the top of two parallel bridge girders allowing the hoist hook to lift and lower between the crane girders. This type of crane is ideal for larger capacity applications, longer span cranes or when there are height limitations.

F&G Cranes can supply many double girder hoist options to fit your application up to 100 tons. Depending on the application we may use a standard double girder hoist or use a custom built hoist to fit your needs. We can mount hoists on top of the girders or in between the girders when necessary. We can handle all of your double girder hoist needs.

Winch / Built up hoist

Generally developed to be used for specific purposes such as: heavy duty, high speed or demanding applications. Winches can be used to lift as well as pull depending on the application. F&G Cranes can provide winches and built up hoists up to 400 tons in many different varieties to fit your application.

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