F&G Cranes offers overhead bridge cranes for every type of lifting application.

With more than 30 years experience and thousands of equipment installed, F&G cranes is a leading manufacturer of material handling solutions and specifically Overhead Bridge Cranes.

Overhead Bridge Cranes

Is a lifting system made up of parallel runway beams with a single or multiple girder traveling bridge spanning the runways. The bridge usually has a trolley hoist attached which performs the lifting activity. Overhead cranes allow for multiple lifting points throughout a specified area while being parked above the working surface.

We specialize in delivering high-quality crane systems to customers throughout the U.S.

We can build box girder or standard profile cranes, optimized by computer calculation processes. Our designs offer the best technical option with the best mechanical value.

The optimized combination of structures and mechanisms (lifting, cross travel and long travel) on these cranes, reduce hook approaches and that maximizes the working areas.

F&G Cranes offers overhead bridge cranes for every type of lifting application. We feature GH components but can also provide any other brand.

Overhead bridge cranes catalog

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Single Girder Crane

F&G Cranes offers heavy-duty overhead bridge cranes in a number of configurations designed to fit your budget and your specific operation. We offer top running & under running bridge cranes for most production applications.

Generally a Single Girder Crane, is suitable for capacities under 12.5 Tons.

Our overhead bridge cranes are engineered to meet your specifications so that you know you can meet your production needs.

Overhead bridge cranes - single girder crane

Double Girder Crane

Double Girder Cranes are generally required for capacities above 12.5 Tons or for manufacturing shops with long spans. F&G Cranes custom designs double girder cranes with the highest quality components in the industry to handle the stress of heavy load production work. It’s the engineering, manufacturing expertise and attention to detail that sets us apart from the competition.

The double girder configuration, thanks to the calculation system used, has an optimized weight which reduces the load on the structure and at the same time creating greater stability when handling large loads.

Other features can be added Double Girder cranes such as: “crab-style” hoist configurations, maintenance walkways and auxiliary hoists to achieve optimal performance for our customer’s needs.

Overhead bridge cranes - double girder crane

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