Runway Systems

Runways Systems

Are a critical component of the safe operation of your overhead crane.

Through our experienced engineering team, we custom build each runway system to meet your building design and load calculations either as a component of your building or a free standing system with built up columns.

Our structural and mechanical engineers utilize CAD systems to create your Runway designs in strict accordance with CMAA, ANSI, Uniform Building Code, AISC, and American Welding Institute standards and practices.

Runway systems
Runway systems

The same rugged quality that goes into our Cranes is applied to our Runway structures by the same craftsman and welders who fabricated your crane. By utilizing F&G Cranes to build both structures you can be assured that you are getting the best value because our cranes are designed to have the least impact on wheel loads, so there is no need to overbuild the Runway structure, which in the end saves you money.

Runway Systems

No two Runway Systems are alike, and because we have constructed hundreds of systems over the years, there is no need for us to reinvent the wheel. We have developed standard designs for most applications that require only a few changes to details. No job is too big or too small. We can help you with traditional freestanding runway systems (braced to building steel) and completely independent freestanding runway systems (no bracing allowed). We can supply columns, beams, rails and electrification for your top running or under hung crane, or if you just need an increase of capacity to your existing structure, either way we can help you.

The steel structure can be made of a box girder or standard profile, optimized by our computer calculation program. Our design offers the best technical option with the best value.

F&G´s runways systems, have a robust construction with a high level of standardization, making them very modular and adaptable to any need, with high reliability components and available for a wide range of applications.

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